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"With 39% of website visitors engaging with Companion, it's improving the user experience and our bottom line."

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Make your customer’s journey more relevant with Companion.

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Nearly no code required. Super lightweight. Product teams love Companion.

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Deploy anywhere. All site pages? Only one? Companion can do it.

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Companion plays nicely with your existing data and integrations.

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Pixel placements help measure results and gain valuable consumer insights.

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Help visitors find their way.

"Companion has given us a unique opportunity to grab the attention of our site visitors, then highlight the most important content and calls-to-action on our website.

In our most recent activation, 11% of site visitors engaged with Companion and completed the featured CTA."

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Surprise and delight made easy (and profitable).

You know your best customers are on your site right now. Why are they getting the same experience as everyone else?

"Companion allows our customers to personalize their websites without having to change a single line of code."

Michael Marcus, VP of Customer Success

Consumer insights from everyone, not inferred from someone.

“Companion tests and validates our commonly held audience assumptions to improve user experience. And we’re finding the scale and quality of insights to be unmatched.”

Transform lead capture from an obligation, into a conversation.

Companion is a better way to collect and interact with leads, not distract them.

"Companion has allowed our team to increase our monthly web driven lead acquisition by 40%."

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You can get started with Companion for as little as $3000.

Pricing starts at one experience, and up to 10,000 profiles, for just $1000 per month. Standard terms include an annual license, with a three month paid trial.

Getting Companion live on your website is easy. Simply schedule your payment (we won’t bill until you’re live), select your onboard date, and within 48 hours your experience will be built and ready to deploy directly on your site.

Buy on a Monday…you’ll be live by Friday.

After payment is received, customers on average have Companion ready to deploy on their site within five business days.

Anywhere! Most commonly, customers deploy Companion on home pages, product pages, and pricing pages, but depending on your use case and site navigation, other options see great conversion as well. Your representative can help decide where is best for you.

Companion is fully customizable, and your representative will work with you to create the experience that’s right for you. Common areas for customization include:

Placement & Timing: Companion can appear in the bottom left, bottom right, embedded on a web page, or as a light box. Companion can also start ‘closed’ (site visitor must click to open Companion) or ‘open’ (web page loads with Companion already at full size).

Additionally, you can choose to deploy Jebbit immediately loaded on a page or on when a visitor begins

Branding: Logos, fonts, colors…even the icon used for Companion can be customized to fit your brand’s needs.

Companion has a number of data capabilities for you to optimize both your Companion deployment, and better understand your customers.

Jebbit analytics dashboard: See performance analytics for all your Companion experiences in one easy to read dashboard.

Pixel tracking: Companion experiences can utilize pixel tracking for effective retargeting across social and display networks.

Attributes dashboard: At a glance, view what you’ve learned about your customers through their participation in Companion experiences.

Secure CSV upload/download: Import your data in your Companion dashboard to be able to personalize Companion experiences. Download data collected through Companion experiences to power personalization in omnichannel environments.

Integrations: Jebbit has a number of integrations built to support the easy flow of data from Companion to other data sources, including CSMs, CRMs, CDPs and more. Contact a Representative if you’re interested in using an integration with Companion.

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